Ground – Fitted – Body Bound – Stripper Bolts

Many fastener applications require very tight tolerances where both thread-fit and the bolt grip dimensions are critical. Some common examples are open and boxed gearing, bearing installs, pulley systems, and cam alignment; where enhanced precision helps to hold together parts of machinery or similar applications to minimize vibration, slippage, or movement while conducting specific functions.
Common Names and Characteristics
These fasteners are referred to by several names such as Ground Body Bolts, Fitted Bolts, Body Bound Bolts, Stripper Bolts, Shoulder Bolts and Step-Down Bolts. They come in a variety of head styles including hex head, socket, slotted, flange, and torx. These fasteners can be found in both inch and metric sizes, in diameters up to 6”, and can be made from about any material. Although usually the application calls out for higher hardness’s, and increased tensiles and yields.
Methods of Manufacturing
Because of their ground body, tight tolerance bodies and ground finishes, these highly effective products are typically machined from bar on CNC or multi spindle machines, often with secondary grinding. It is also common to start with a forged or cold headed bolt and grind the body after. Because subsequent heat treating can cause expansion or contraction, it is prudent to manufacture the body dimension slightly oversize and allow for grinding to be the last step.
Other Benefits
These fasteners are the perfect blend of dowel pin and headed screws. In addition to tightening up fit and reducing vibration, less wear and tear of fasteners and adjoining parts is another benefit of Body and Fitted bolts. Other benefits include reduction in fatigue and torque failure, increase in clamp load, improving the ability to assemble diverse components, and ultimately ensuring peak performance.
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