Kitting, Assemblies & Custom Fabrication

To meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace, K-J developed a “Kits and Assemblies” division which has been our fastest growing product line. We have always provided bagging services for nuts and bolts. As customers discovered our sourcing capabilities and reasonable labor rates, requests started coming in for more complicated assemblies involving multi-components, often non-fastener related. As our projects became more diverse, K-J became more proactive in helping our customers with their sub-assembly needs.

Our “K & A” Division now assembles large point of purchase displays for the retail markets, multi-component sub-assemblies for off road and capital equipment industries, prototype projects, and special bagging and packaging for a diverse array of clients – many of which entail special fabrication.

We continue to find new ways to add value and reduce costs. Whether your requirements involve hard to find parts, products provided by you, or special packaging, we will put all our resources to work for you. This strategic business unit truly brings together all that K-J has to offer. If you currently perform these labor-intensive tasks and have been considering freeing up man hours for something more productive, let’s talk. Think “Kits and Assemblies”… think K-J!


  • Packaging
    • Bagging
    • Hand Packaging
    • Heat Sealing
    • Industrial Packaging
    • Kitting
    • Point-of-Purchase isplays
    • Protective Packaging
  • Services/Advantages
    • Comprehensive list of quality assurance and testing services.
    • Custom packaging, and special bagging.
    • In-house local delivery service and excellent negotiated freight agreements on bulk and/or out-of-town shipments.
    • Inventory management systems.
    • On line tracking of your shipments.
    • Prototype development and design assistance. Solutions for a wide range of applications.
    • Purchase over the WEB using our P.O.Form ("Rapid Quote"-see main menu).
    • Rush orders and quick turnaround alterations (your product or ours off the shelf).
    • Technical support
  • Materials
    Willing to work with all types of materials.
  • Drawing Submission
    • CAD Files
    • PDF Files
    • Prints
  • Prototyping
    No quantity is too small, and our concept since inception is to have quick turnaround in house capabilities while we explore together larger quantity production run saving options.

Woman at work

Rounder fabrication

Mixed fasteners

Rounder Particle Panels