Copper Nickel & Exotic Materials

Fasteners are used in a variety of different applications. But just because a fastener has standard dimensions doesn’t mean it is necessarily off the shelf. Many applications demand exotic materials where durability, tensile & torque strengths, and resistance to corrosion are critical. Exotic material fasteners are a crucial part in everything from food rendering equipment, injection molding machines, medical applications, marine installations, to oil and gas industries.

Our wide variety of special materials are preferred for assuring compatibility, preventing galling and seizing, guaranteeing peak performance in caustic and harsh conditions, and preserving the integrity and lifespan of your capital equipment. Just a few of the options we supply standard fasteners and per print specials in include: 17-4 PH, Alloy 2205, Monel Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and Silicone bronze. But copper nickel alloys have their own personality.

The combination of copper and nickel is ideal for applications that are exposed to water, particularly seawater. Copper nickel is resistant to corrosion due to its composition, making it the perfect choice for marine applications.

Copper nickel fasteners are also an excellent option for food rendering. The process of food rendering combines the abusive elements of pressure, friction, high repetition, and often hostile temperatures. The fasteners used for these machines must be able to withstand high volume cycles, abrasive contact, and various environments.

Copper nickel fasteners can also be used for energy generation applications. Because the oil and gas industries often handle temperatures that can get extremely hot or be installed in very cold parts of the world, it is important for fasteners to be able to withstand the changes without becoming worn over time. Copper nickel fasteners are an excellent option here, as well, due to their resilient composition.

Depending on what the job is, we can recommend the perfect fastener for your project regardless of what exotic material you require. If you are building something that needs a strong nonferrous fastener that can withstand your unique applications, we can help you determine the proper solution